Premeno Duo Packaging

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is Premeno® duo used for?

Premeno ®duo is a supportive treatment for the correction of vaginal dryness, including during and after the menopause. Premeno ®duo supports the recovery of tissues and promotes wound healing, even after childbirth or chemotherapy.

What do Premeno® duo vaginal ovules contain?

Each vaginal ovule contains 5 mg hyaluronic acid. The other ingredients are: lactic acid, sodium lactate, fats, ceteareth, beeswax, sorbitan, monostearate and macrogols. Premeno ®duo contains no synthetic preservatives and has no odour or taste.

For whom are Premeno® duo vaginal ovules suitable?

  • For women with vaginal dryness during and after menopause
  • For women who believe hormonal treatment is undesirable
  • For women undergoing the menopause who want to supplement their hormone replacement therapy
  • For women who want long-term vaginal hydration
  • For women who have vaginal dryness due to the use of medicines, e.g. antidepressants
  • Also for younger women who have these symptoms, caused by childbirth or stress
  • For younger women who regularly suffer recurring vaginal fungal infections

Where can I buy Premeno® duo vaginal ovules?

Premeno ®duo vaginal ovules are a non-pescription treatment, available only at the pharmacist. The best thing to do is to fill in the order form on the back page. You can also order Premeno ®duo via the internet pharmacy – see the link on the website. Your order will then be dealt with here. Please note that this will incur shipping costs.

What does a pack look like and what does Premeno® duo cost?

Premeno ®duo vaginal ovules are packed in boxes of 10 vaginal vaginal suppositories. Each pack contains 2 strips of 5 ovules. The retail price at Europe of one 10-ovules pack is about €12.95 including local VAT. This is also the monthly cost during maintenance treatment.